3D Full Body Scanner

Best Price Performance on the Market

Optimized Design | < 5 Min Setup | Instant Capture (< 1/200 or 1/15 Sec)

Suitable for all kinds of businesses especially 3D studios and events. Our flagship 3D photogrammetry booth features possibilities never seen before in this price range.

Set it up in minutes and create a “wow” effect for your customers.

Fascinate Your Customers with Amazing Features

Instantly capture 3D models, get unprecedented mobility and portability, ease of use and expandable features
You will fall in love with 3DFascination Scanner

Instantly Capture

Complete scan in 1/15 of a second! Great for high volume scan projects and events.  Perfect for kids and pets. 

Easy To Use

No extensive training required. Our software is easy to use and regularly updated according to the practical experiences of users from countries all over the world. 3DFascination Scanners are always up to date with the latest technology.

Optional Noise Projection

The 3DF Scanner 3 has integrated structured light making it possible to scan difficult shapes and surfaces, like black or plain clothes. 

Mobile & Portable

Quick and Easy Set Up in under 5 minutes for a single person. The one and only Plug & Play 3D full body scanner in the world! No cables, no screws!

Space Saving

The 3DFascination Scanner has a small footprint (220 cm / 87″ only) and can be stored in 6 small flight cases.  It is especially light to transport and can be assembled in a small space making it exceptionally flexible and mobile.

Open Design

The open design of our 3D full body scanner provides an exciting attraction. You have unlimited possibilities to communicate freely, interact naturally and invite your customers to be scanned. 

Integrated Light System

State-of-the-art flexible LED stripes reach the high CRI value of at least 95. They ensure natural color fidelity and excellent lighting over the whole body. 

Color Calibrated

Color accuracy of the avatar is critical to 3D color applications. To ensure color accuracy, we provide ICC profiles to calibrate the scanner.  Our 3DFascination Scanner 3 is the first 3D scanner in this class with this capability.

Upgradeable & Expandable

The 3DFascination Scanner 3 is open to technological progress and upcoming innovations. It’s technically feasible to change the number of poles, the height or the diameter of the system, and other aspects to customize for your needs.

Absolutely Affordable Solution – Best Price Performance on the Market

5-Minute Set Up Video

If you have to see it to believe it, here we show the set up in 5-minutes! You can see how easy the 3DFascination Scanner is to assemble.
  • 5 minutes for one person
  • No Screws
  • 2 Cables

Perfect for mobile opportunities like events!

How To Scan

Scanning requires minimal training with zero-complexity!

  • Easy to use software controls and monitors the system
  • Various scan options ensure the perfect 3D imageControl scenes (adults, kids, dogs, groups), surface, projection and camera settings
  • Powerful search module for previously scanned customers and auto-suggestions for faster user registration 
  • Pre-registration module to manage lines in high volume environments like events
  • Pre-registration module Integrated e-Commerce and POS to quickly capture 3D orders and collect payments on-site or in the future
  • Compatible with iOS and Android tablets

Absolutely Affordable Solution – Best Price Performance on the Market

Our 3D full body scanner is the world’s price performance champion that will impress you in all aspects.

Scanner 3
Footprint in
300 220 Important for small 3D studios, shopping malls,
exibitions, trucks, ships, etc.
time in min.
30 5 Our 3D scanner is the first plug & play 3D body
scanner in the world, no cables, no screws!
time in ms
250 5 (single shot)
70 (dual shot)
This makes a significant difference for scanning
kids, pets, groups of people in case of
movements between first and second shot.
3D preview
in min.
(cloud based)
(works offline)
No need to upload almost 1 GB of photos for
processing. Ideal for events with bad internet
connectivity and on-board (ships) business.
Cam resolution
in MPx
(89 cams 5)
(105 cams 8)
We are using newer cam sensors with higher
resolution, better color and higher dynamic range.
Weak Calibrated We offer the first whitebalance and color
calibrated 3D full-body scanner.
Projectors Weak pico
Strong gobo
The resulting lumens of our gobo projectors
are much higher.
Model resolution
in K Faces
400 – 1,600 600 – 3,000 We are using worlds best 3D photogrammetry
software which results together with better
input in much better raw models.
Material for
scanning poles
Weak, cheap
looking plastic
Strong alu
Premium materials to increase customer
experience and durability.
Design Ugly 😉 Nice 😉 You have to decide which one you like more. 😉
Software Windows based Server based
(Win 10, Mac, iOS, Android)
You can run our 3D Scanner with a Windows Server
and a client of your choice: Windows,
Mac, iOS or Android Tablets.
Data privacy Cloud based On-Site Our 3D scanner allows processing of 3D models
on-site without uploading photos or 3D models
to the cloud / internet.
Closed Open Twindoms software is closed and forces
customers to use their cleaning and printing services.
Ours is open. We are offering a complete value-chain,
but are not forcing our customers.


See our 3DFascination Scanner 3 in action. 

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