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Boost Engagement and Revenues

3DFascination provides a turnkey solution for engaging with your customers and monetizing 3D attractions.

We offer reliable and portable 3D body scanners, fulfillment services for 3D printed figurines, and other professional 3D/AR/VR services, making it easy for you to capture new business opportunities with the fascinating power of 3D.

We Offer a Complete Range of 3D Solutions

State-of-the-art 3D Hardware

Our 3D full body scanners are the most reliable, easy-to-setup, and robust solution currently available in the market.

Made in Germany.

Integrated 3D Software Solutions

User-friendly 3D operation interface featuring automated 3D preview and 3D raw models, AR and VR viewing, social media sharing, and much more.

Professional 3D Services

We offer professional 3D cleaning, 3D printing, animation, and measurement services.

Performance Champion

of 3D Scanning Booths

A 3D photogrammetry booth that is designed for studios and events alike.

  • Fast and easy set up 
  • Small footprint
  • Robust metal construction
  • Instant Capture (1/15 of a second)
  • Instant scan preview
  • Cutting-edge technology

Trusted by 100+ businesses and 3D professionals

Simplify Your 3D Business

Integrated 3D Software Solutions from 3DFascination

Optimize your 3D business by utilizing the full benefits of our scanning software that allows the instant generation of 3D previews, viewing & sharing as well as managing and controlling the fulfillment process.

Here are some of our software’s capabilities:

  • User-friendly scan booth control interface for PCs and tablets 
  • Instant generation of 3D preview
  • Augmented Reality viewing 
  • Social media sharing options
  • Integrated e-commerce solution with branded homepage, PoS and webshop set-up and hosting
  • Monitor and control the fulfillment (cleaning & printing) process


“We are customers of Osensus for close to a year and a half. We have a scanner set and we also use the complementary services that the company provides.

First of all the team is very kind and patient – we entered the field with no previous experience in 3D and felt very confident with the help of the professional team who were very available to us and gave us an answer and solutions to every need that came.

The scanner is very reliable and high quality, simple to use and very easy to assemble and disassemble.
The scans come out at a very high level and I am very pleased with the product and service.”

Maya Zaplaui
Makerim – 3D People Factory, Israel

Professional 3D Services

Sit back and relax while we take care of the 3D services required for your business.  We offer cleaning, printing, rigging, measuring, and animation of 3D models, and more. Want to do it yourself? We provide training as well.

3DFascination services:

  • 3D cleaning / touch-up / post-processing
  • 3D color printing in sandstone, nylon and resin
  • 3D crystal
  • 3D animation for creating avatars for videos and games
  • 3D measurement for fashion and fitness
  • 3D training workshops

Fascinate Your Customers with 3DFascination Solutions

From Best Price Performance 3D Scanner on the Market to 3D Scanning, Cleaning and Processing Software to 3D Printing and Fulfillment Services – 3DFascination Covers all of Your Needs. Get in Touch with Us Today and Fascinate Your Customers

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