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  • Price / Performance Champion of 3D Full Body Scanners

    Introducing 3DF Scanner 3

  • Real Life 3D Avatars

    Turn 3D scans into digital products and real-life 3D avatars for a variety of use cases

  • Press the “Scan” button – We do the rest

    3D-Printed color figurines as you’ve never experienced before.

10+ years in business
Partners in 30+ countries
Designed & Assembled in Germany

You asked for it, now, it’s here!

Introducing 3DFascination Scanner 4E

Release year - 2023
  • Better scanning of persons in A-Pose for avatars.

  • Better scanning of couples or groups of people for figurines.

  • 50% higher resolution with AF (auto-focus).

  • Better coverage of hands in A-Pose.

  • Higher resolution raw models.

  • Scan people & pets 

  • Generate animated avatars and virtual characters

  • 3d print real-life color figurines

Suitable For Companies In These Industries:

  • 3D Scanning Studios

  • 3D Event Agencies

  • 3D Figurine Printing Services

  • Digital Experience Agencies

  • XR Event Agencies

  • Digital Showroom Providers

  • VR Meeting Providers

  • 3D Character Creators

  • 3D Game & App Developers

  • XR / AR / VR / MR Developers

  • Animation / VFX / Movie Studios

  • 3D Assets Companies

  • Metaverse Companies

  • NFT Creators

  • Healthcare

  • Research

  • Education

Key Benefits

5 Minute 3D Scanner 3 Setup

Take Photorealistic
3D Scans in under 1/200 seconds

Automatic Avatar Preview in under 4 minutes

XR-ready. Support for Major Formats and Platforms

3DFascination Scanner 3

A price-performance champion of 3D Full-Body Scanners.

A 3D photogrammetry booth that is designed for studios and events alike. It all starts with a 3D Scan.

  • Fast and easy setup 
  • Small footprint – 220/240 cm (width/height)
  • Robust metal construction
  • Instant Capture (1/200 second)
  • Instant scan preview
  • Cutting-edge technology

XR-ready Avatars

Realistic Avatars. And Beyond.

Turn 3D Scans into digital products and realistic 3D avatars for a variety of use cases:

  • 3D / Video Games & Apps
  • AR Games & Apps
  • VR Games & Apps
  • 3D/VR/AR Meetings
  • Digital Art / NFT
  • Animation / VFX / Movies
  • 3D/AR/360 Pano Viewer

3D Printed Figurines

3D Printed color figurines as you’ve never experienced before.

Press the “Scan” button. We do the rest.

  • Best price / quality ratio
  • 3D cleaning service
  • 3D printing service

Success Stories

Fascinate Your Customers with 3DFascination Solutions

Best price-performance 3D Scanner on the market.

Create digital avatars and characters.

3D Printed color figurines like you’ve never seen before.


Thank you for your interest in our products and services. We are offering professional 3D scanning hardware, software and services for professionals and businesses only.  The price starts at €29900 and for used models, it starts at €15000. Please fill in the form below to inquire about our scanner, software, services, technical specifications or prices. We will get in touch with you shortly. Thank you!

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