• Instantly create real-life 3D Avatars to use in your next Metaverse or AR/VR/XR project

    Press 3D Scan. Beam-Up to Metaverse.

A perfect choice to create real-life avatars

For 3D Video Games & Apps

Create your unique characters for 3D games and apps. Show your skills!

Leverage our network of 3DF Partners in 30+ countries to support realistic avatars in your games & apps.

Very competitive price for preparing a cleaned, rigged and optimised avatar starting at 7 € / model.

Supported platforms:

Web | iOS | Android | Windows | Mac

For 3D/VR/AR Meetings

3D/VR/AR meetings & exhibitions are coming fast. Be the first one there!

Create realistic meetings / show rooms / exhibitions in Metaverse for businesses.

Be among the first businesses to utilize VR / AR tech for meetings

For AR Games

AR-Ready Avatars you can you use in your games. Prepare your smartphone! Fire!

Get AR-ready Avatars at a competitive price with a prepared, cleaned, rigged and optimized avatar starting at 7 € / model.

Leverage our network of 3DF Partners in 30+ countries to support realistic avatars in your
games & apps.

Supported platforms:

Web | iOS | Android 

Example on the video: How Avatavi embedded real-life AR Avatar using 3DFascination Scanner

For VR Games

Get into your VR Games with a custom avatar. Fun guaranteed!

VR-Ready Avatars you can you use in your games at a competitive price.

For 3D/AR/360 Panorama Viewer

Experience full 360 views like never before. 

Increase brand awareness with our proprietary 3D/AR/360 Panorama viewer,

3D/AR viewer is included in all plans.

3D/AR/360 panorama viewer is included in our Pro plan.

We are offering both the software and the preparation service for your unique experience.

NFT Ready digital assets

All of 3DFascination assets are ready to be turned into NFTs. Join the NFT revolution!

Turn your digital avatars into NFTs. Create, transform and sell on all of the major NFT platforms with ease. 

Supported platforms:

For Animation / VFX / Movies

Make your movies come alive with unique characters straight from the 3DF Scanner 3!

Use our 3DFascination Scanner 3 for best price / performance mobile 3D body scanner you can use anywhere (5-min assembly).

Instantly create 3D models that can be used in animations and videos.

For photorealistic faces, use DSLM/DSLR photos and our UHQ cleaning / preparation service (+50€).

Test drive our Avatars

Want to test-drive your avatar?

Join our private beta and test all of the possibilities of our Avatars.

In this example, you can see lip-sync and other capabilities. 

Supported platforms

Supported tools

Supported web platforms

Avatavi Case Study

About Avatavi

Play with your avatar.
You can become a dwarf and go on a great adventure in the everyday world. Or summon your favorite character and take a walk in the real world.

This is a magical AR controller that makes everyday life a little more fun.

Real-life 3D Avatars have been created with 3DFascination Scanner 3 and ported into Avatavi application. 

Request 3D Avatar Creation Pricelist

3D professional touch-up/cleaning
(artifacts removal, color correction, model refining, etc.)

Digital assets creation for XR, AR, VR, MR and animation purposes

Optional UHQ Face cleaning and texturing 

Model simplification for Games

Providing digital files in various formats

Fascinate Your Customers with 3DFascination Solutions

Best price-performance 3D Scanner on the market.

Create digital avatars and characters.

3D Printed color figurines like you’ve never seen before.

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