Why Invest in 3DFascination Scanner 4E?

–Suren, CTO of 3DFascination

3DFascination scanner and its application (a few of many)

For Shopping Malls & Tourist Destinations

A 3D photo booth, equipped with the advanced 3DFascination Scanner, is operating at a shopping center in New York City. Whether you set up a similar booth in a large metropolitan area to outshine competitors or create one in a smaller city to draw people into your mall, it is sure to captivate visitors and increase foot traffic to your shopping center or tourist spots. With our scanner offering endless possibilities, you can achieve so much more, and make your own success story. 

For 3D Studio

If you are operating a 3D Studio, with our scanner and software you can create realistic 3D avatars.

Can create miniature portrait figurines with 3D printing for your customers

3DFascination Scanner can capture special moments with precision like never before and 3D printing those memories can wow your customer

3D Assets

You can build real-life 3D assets, 3DFascination scanner enables your team of 3D artists to carry out requests for independent asset creation.

Avatar for 3D World (app, gaming, meeting etc)

Our scanner can be used to create realistic 3D Avatars that can be used in 3D gaming, 3D apps, in virtual meeting room etc. 

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