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From 3D Cleaning to Printing to Training, our team can help you achieve anything on your mind. Our professionals have more then XX years in the business. 

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3D Cleaning Service – Fast & Reliable Cleaning of 3D Raw Models

Professional 3D Cleaning Service

Our 3D artists specialised in cleaning 3D scans made with 3D Fascination or similar Full Body 3D Scanners. The cleaning process is integrated in our turn-key fulfillment process.

DIY with our Training

If you prefer to do the work yourself, we offer professional training courses on 3D photogrammetry and 3D cleaning to ensure you get optimal results.

3D Cleaning Service – Fast & Reliable Cleaning of 3D Raw Models

After the scan, the resulting 3D raw model needs to be cleaned before printing, animating, measuring or using in any other application. We offer 2 models: Professional 3D Cleaning Service and DIY with our training

3D Printing – Bring Your 3D Models to Life

We are providing 3D full color sandstone printing in Europe and in North America

3D Fascination partners are providing 3D full color printing in Central and South Ameria, as well as in the Near and Far East.

Material Choices

  • Sandstone
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Large models can also be CNC milled.

3D Animation – A completely automated platform is coming soon

Be the first to know when we launch our fully automated 3D animation platform. 

In the meantime, We are offering manual rigging and professional video animation services.
Let’s build your own 3D Avatars for video and games

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