Mobile & Portable

Quick and Easy Set Up in under 5 minutes for one single person. The one and only Plug & Play 3D full body scanner in the world! No cables, no screws!

Transparent Design

The concept of the full body scanner incorporates an open design and a new way of presentation. You have unlimited possibilities to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively with your customers.

Space Saving

Despite the generous dimensions of the 3DF Scanner it is especially light to transport and easily assembled making it exceptionally flexible and mobile.

Integrated Light System

State-of-the-art flexible LED stripes reach the high CRI value of at least 95. They ensure natural color rendition in fine detail, homogeneous illumination all over the body, an extremely high service life and exemplary energy efficiency.

Optional Noise Projection

The 3D Fascination 2 has the ability to capture 93 additional images immediately after the first shot in order to manage even difficult shapes and surfaces, like black or plain clothes.

Instantly Capture

Take 93 photos in 1/125 second from an open 360° perspective. Take 2 times 93 photos (with projection) in 1/15 second. This allows high quality capturing of kids and pets.

Easy to Use

Taking scans does not require training or specific knowledge. Our software is regularly updated according to the practical experiences of users from countries all over the world. 3D Fascination Scanner is always up to date with the latest technology.

Upgradeable & Expandable

The 3D Fascination Scanner is built to be open to technological progress and upcoming innovations. It’s technically feasible to change the number of poles, the height or the diameter of the system.

Color Calibrated

Color accuracy is critical to 3D color applications. By providing ICC profiles, our 3D Fascination Scanner 2 is the first color calibrated 3D scanner in its class.

Affordable Solution

Our 3D full body scanner the world’s price-performance champion that will impress you in all aspects.

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