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We offer a Full Suite of 3D Body Scanning Software designed to meet the needs of your 3D business.

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The 3DFascination Software

Our user-friendly 3D scanning and operation software covers the whole process from scan to fulfillment. 

Register: Quick and effortless

Integrated pre-registration module to manage scan flow in high volume environments like events. It allows self-registration for customers before scanning (online and on-site).

Scan: Perfect 3D Scans

Control scenes, surface, projection, white balance, and camera settings to ensure optimal scan results.

Render Scans: Fully Automated

Render scans, raw models, preview emails by clicking a single button.

View & Share: Social Sharing of 3D Model

Send a 3D Preview to your customers and allow him to share on social media channels with his friends.

Web & Shop

Run your Online Shop and manage your POS (point of sale) fully integrated into your 3D scanner software.

Fulfill: Lean Processes

Effortless management of Scans, Customers and Orders, as well as Fulfillment Orders in combination with our 3D services (cleaning, printing, shipment, etc.)

3DFascination Processing Software

Our fully automated photogrammetry software provides instant generation of 3D previews and raw 3D models

Automated Processing

Process scans in background with a throughput of almost 1 scan per minute*, without any user interaction and without the need to upload gigabytes of photos to a cloud service.

*dependent on hardware

Generate 3D Preview

Generate 3D preview and 3D raw models on-site without internet requirements or cloud service with maximum privacy protection.

Market Leading Engine

Powered by the market-leading photogrammetry engine. Full photogrammetry process control including 3D model mesh, texture qualities, and other settings.

Local Display

View 2D and 3D previews on local display separate from the booth control software.

Fast Transfer

Upon order, transfer compact raw models automatically to 3D cleaning, 3D printing and other fulfillment services.

3DFascination View & Share Software

Engage your customers to raise your brands awareness

Lightweight 3D Viewer and Social Media Sharing Made Easy

E-Mail Preview

Automatically send 3D previews including links for AR/VR/3D viewer and online shop

Social Media Sharing

Easily share to popular Social Media Platforms including Facebook and Instagram

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality view included for a more interactive experience 

Virtual Reality

Show static and animated 3D models in Virtual Reality.

Integrate on any Website

Start a new website or integrate with your current website. 

WebGL & SketchFab Integration

Publish 3D models to any modern browser and to 3 million SketchFab users. 

3DFascination e-Commerce Solution

Boost your sales with an integrated, powerful shop solution based on Shopify – trusted by millions of users.

Online Shop

Allow your customers to buy 3D figurines, 3D crystals, digital products and other services online.

PoS (Point of Sale)

Integrate your point of sale to quickly capture 3D orders

Web Site Creation & Update

Easily update your Web Site and Online Shop

Integrated Processes

Seamless integration to 3DF Scan, Process, View and Share software. Fully automated order creation, tracking, and fulfillment.

International Support

Supports various languages, currencies, tax systems, payment (credit card/PayPal/cash/…) and shipment (UPS/DHL/…) services.

3DFascination Software Add-Ons

Ask for special software add-ons for a large variety of professional applications of our universal 3DF Body Scanners

Rigging & Avatar Animation

A fully automated rigging and avatar animation platform is coming soon for gaming as well as other 3D/AR/VR applications

Measurement & Body Data

Capture measurement and body data from a scan

Clothes Size Matching & Virtual Fitting

New applications for the fashion and tailoring industry will revolutionize this businesses

Marketing & Brand Boosting

Boost your Online and Social Marketing with amazing 3D/AR/VR applications

Events Management

Manage large events with our event-proven software.

3DFascination Software & Support Plans

Minimise your investments, reduce your overhead costs, concentrate on your business!

Trusted by 100+ businesses and 3D professionals

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